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Having a smart meter will help you get the most out of Kogan Energy’s app and online usage tools, and best of all, having a smart meter means no estimated bills.

If you’re a Kogan Energy customer, you can get a smart meter by submitting the form below.

The smart meter installation will incur a $75 fee for all standard meter installations. There may be additional fees related to the smart meter installation (such as an unsuccessful or non-standard meter installations) in which case Kogan Energy will levy an additional fee of no more than $100. Examples of non-standard meter installations could include where minor asbestos removal, fuse replacements and link installations are needed.

Smart Meter Installation Timeframes (NSW, SA & QLD only)

When requesting a meter exchange your smart meter installation can take up to 15 business days or on a date agreed with you once we receive all the necessary information from you.

If shared fusing is discovered at the time of meter exchange, then the exchange timeframe will restart, and the smart meter installation can take up to an additional 30 business days or on a date agreed with you and the distributor. Shared fusing is where two or more properties share a common electricity connection point. This means an interruption of your power supply to carry out the meter exchange will also cause an interruption to one or more of your neighbours. Shared Fusing is generally not identified until the technician goes to site.

When requesting a smart meter for a new connection, the installation can take up to 6 business days after being informed that the connection service is complete or on a date agreed with you.

There can be some exceptions to the above timeframes including at the time of the smart meter install, the location is not accessible, safe, or ready for the meter to be installed.

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