Price Update - Kogan Energy

Price Update

You’ve likely received an email from us about the increase in the price you pay for energy from 1 January 2020. We know that isn’t great news, so we’ve put together this information to help you understand why it’s happening.

Why have energy prices increased?

Retail electricity and gas prices have risen mainly because of significant increases in the forecasted (future) wholesale market prices and, in some cases, changes in network costs.

How much are prices increasing?

Electricity and gas prices will be changing for Kogan Energy customers from 1 January 2020. To see the estimated annual dollar impact to you as well as your prices prior to 1 January compared to the new prices, login to your account here.

What is Kogan Energy doing to help keep energy prices affordable for customers?

Kogan Energy make every effort to provide our most competitive energy offers to all our customers.

If you are having trouble paying your bills – for any reason – please get in touch by calling us on 1300 005 123. We’re able to provide assistance if you’re experiencing hardship and can direct you to further help if you need it. Contact us here for more information.

Is Kogan Energy the only retailer that’s changing their prices?

We anticipate many retailers to respond to the higher wholesale and network costs by increasing their retail electricity and gas prices. At Kogan Energy, we always look to limit the impact to our customers and continue to offer you competitive prices and the value you’ve come to expect from Kogan.

What makes up the electricity price?

Below are some factors which make up the cost of your energy bill every month:

  • Wholesale costs – the cost to purchase electricity from wholesale markets.
  • Network and metering charges – the cost for the distribution and transmission of energy to your premises via poles, wires and pipes.
  • Government-based environmental schemes – costs to comply with government schemes such as state-based solar bonus and efficiency schemes.
  • Retail operating costs – managing accounts, retail billing and other customer services.
  • GST – always included in the price you see.
  • What if you’re having trouble paying your bill?

    There are many reasons that might prevent someone from paying their bills.

    If we notice signs, or if you or someone on your behalf tells us that you’re having difficulty making payments, we will communicate with you to ensure you’re aware of the various options associated with our Hardship Policy.

    You can read about our Hardship Policy here and if you are experiencing hardship – for any reason – or if you have any questions please get in contact with us on 1300 005 123