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How Can I Lower My Bill?

At Kogan Energy, we understand this may be easier said than done, which is why we provide you with useful tools to help keep tabs on your energy usage.

Kogan Energy App

Daily Usage

You can view your daily electricity usage in the main bar graph, along with cost per day and kilowatt hours usage in the stats at the bottom of your screen.

A small red bar graph, found below the main bar graph, shows you what time of the day you are using your electricity. 


Tip: You can identify ways to lower your energy usage by noting which times of the day your energy consumption spikes, such as when appliances are switched on!

*The Kogan Energy App displays and functionalities are subject to change and may be updated from time to time.

The Victorian Energy Saver website also has some simple tips on how you can reduce energy consumption and lower your power bill. Click here to visit the website.

Kogan SmarterHome™ Technology

Control, schedule, create custom timers, scenes and see what’s happening (and potentially how much energy you’re using) in real-time using the free Kogan SmarterHome™ app.

For example:

Smart Plugs

Schedule your connected devices to turn on and off automatically, check whether it’s on and control remotely so you aren’t wasting precious power.

Smart Heaters

Create a scene to turn the heater on when the temperature is below a set temperature and turn off when the smart lights are switched off, helping to conserve energy consumption.

Smart Air Conditioners

Switch the air conditioner on before you get home from work and create a scene to automatically power off when the temperature reaches a set temperature.

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