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Kogan Energy App

Built with innovative app technology to help you keep tabs on how much energy you're using and pay for power on-the-go!​

Monitor your energy usage

The Kogan Energy app partners with your smart meter to give you in depth information on how you use your energy.

The main bar graph shows your daily electricity usage, cost per day and kilowatt hours. Here you can see which days of the week you consume the most power and just how much you use.

The smaller red bar graph breaks down your energy consumption into hourly increments so you can see exactly what time of day you are using your electricity.

Pay for power on the go​

The Kogan Energy app lets you pay for your energy easily and on the go.

You can see all outstanding payments through your account screen and pay easily all from the palm of your hand.

Manage your Kogan Energy account​

Access all the information you need conveniently from the palm of your hand!

You can enter meter readings, view your rates, check your account history and much more all through the Kogan Energy app!

Download the Kogan Energy App today!